Tuesday, July 31, 2012


  • Don’t let things that have happened to you in the past get in the way of you getting the future you want.
  • Trust your true self, the one inside you that is not hurt by what others have said or done.
  • Others only think they know, but listen anyway they might have good ideas.
  • The way your life will go is up to you not circumstances or resources
  • Accumulation is a powerful tool. 1 is a huge number when put together with others. Set a goal, a small one, one at a time and do it.  1+1+1+1=MORE
  • Work like it is fun and play safely like it is work then all actions are pleasurable.
  • Take reward in accomplishment not praise, compensation or goodwill.
  • Your decisions (on an every minute basis) will determine your future.
  • Emotional reactions only last until the adrenalin leaves your body.  Control your response until then.  Then act with your best intentions.
  • Always do what is right not just easy.
  • Remember that everyone is frustrated and demonstrates that frustration in the strangest ways.  Don’t think it is you.
  • Always own up to your mistakes, blunders or stupidity.  Ask for forgiveness and really mean it.  Make restitution when possible or accept the consequences if necessary. 
  • Don’t let what anyone says fool you, even leaders.
  • Don’t be fooled by false demonstrations of affection that lead to you being exploited or harmed. Change as soon as you understand that is happening.
  • There is no one else that will make your life better, because they are busy making their life what they want.
  • Imagination is to solve problems not to make up stuff.
  • Your mind is the most powerful tool you have.  Don’t waste it on thinking of things that will not get you the life you want.  Think and it will be.  Fill your mind with junk and junk will come out in your life to haunt you.
  • It takes determination and focus to make a better life, but I know you can do it. 
  • Love even though you are not loved; it will confuse them.  Watch their faces if you don’t believe me. You need to love more than be loved

Have a good life it is up to you now.

Anxiety is the physical response to a threat.  Look closely at what makes you anxious and resolve it and the body response will be gone.  When kids are little and get up in the middle of the night with bad dreams having them safely look at the monster and finding a way to defeat it let them go back to sleep.  So, what is your anxiety based on?  Or is it merely a body response to low blood sugar, digestion problems or not enough food energy?  Fix any or all of these and some of it will be gone.  Face the imaginary stuff and all of it will be gone.  Focus your mind on other things and you can go on with your life no matter how you feel.